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Mifa Adejumo

My Podcasting Book of Connections

If there’s one thing podcasting has given me an abundance of, it’s a sort of virtual book of connections. And with this book comes the opportunity to have met some very memorable folks within the podcasting community.  I have some

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Dayo Moyo

Confessions of a Podcast Ghoster

I have not been able to publish any podcast episodes recently. It is not a case of a lack of interviews to publish. In fact, I’ve got a few interview recordings lying idle on my computer. The problem has been

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Mifa Adejumo

The Podcast Sinner

Forgive me Podcasters, for I have sinned. It’s been six months since my last recording and I am somewhat ashamed to even call myself a podcaster. I’ve read think-pieces on consistency and how vital it is to podcasting growth. I’ve

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APVA Awards
Olamide O. Abe

PodHubers Win Big At 2022 African Podcast And Voice Awards

The 2022 African Podcast and Voice Awards (APVA) winners were announced on Sunday, September 25, 2022. The 2022 award ceremony, held as a virtual event, had 42 award categories. APVA, Africa’s first audio industry award, aims to celebrate and appreciate

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Hafeestanova Onitilo

Podcast Promotion

This is one of the problems many podcasters face especially new podcasters. Many find it hard when it comes to finding the best way to promote their podcast even with the fact that we live in the digital world.  “podcast

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