Celebrating Your Wins As A Content Creator This Year

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In the day-to-day hustle of making a podcast, it can be easy to forget what’s really important. After all, this is your project—and you want it to be successful! But even with all our best intentions, we can sometimes lose sight of how far we’ve come as content creators. So this year, why don’t you celebrate your wins? We’re here to help inspire you with some ideas for how to celebrate the victories in between all that hard work:

Give yourself a pat on the back.

I’m still far from having all of the answers about what it takes to run a successful business or build an audience because there are so many variables involved (e.g., what do we do when people don’t like our content? How do you know if your content is going to be a hit? What if no one cares about what you’re trying to put out?). But by using my past experiences as guides and learning from them along the way, here are some things that have worked well for me so far:

Remember all the places your podcast  was featured.

And you should! Remember all the places your podcast was featured, and keep track of all the places you were featured. Celebrate each time you were featured by thanking the host or platform that helped to bring attention to what you do. Too often we celebrate only our losses and forget to look back at the wins—take time this holiday season to celebrate all of your successes from this year.

Celebrate all the people who listened to your podcast.

As a content creator, there are few things more gratifying than seeing your work reach a new audience. When I started making my podcast, I thought it would be just for me and people who were following my work online, but the podcast has been downloaded over 1,000 times since its launch! That’s not even counting those who listen to it via YouTube —so many people have listened to this little project of mine. There are so many ways you can share this information with others:

  • Share on social media (try Twitter or Instagram)
  • Tell your friends
  • Send an email newsletter about it

Find a new way to share your wins.

Now that you’ve won, you can share your wins with the world.

  • Share on social media: Post about your win on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. Use hashtags for maximum reach!
  • Share with friends and family: Send a text or email to those nearest and dearest to you. 
  • Share with podcast listeners: Reach out to people who’ve subscribed to your show—they’ll be glad to hear from one of their favorite content creators! They may even offer up some useful feedback or encouragement that will help keep you motivated as an entrepreneur going forward!

Take a moment and remember how far you’ve come.

There’s no denying that the struggle is real, and as a content creator who has been doing this for awhile now (whether it be writing, acting or singing), you know that all too well. Why? Because we’re constantly trying to make ourselves better at what we do in order to get ahead in our chosen field.

But what does getting ahead actually mean? What does success look like for us? Is it simply being able to pay off our mortgage and buy nice things with money left over at the end of each month? Or maybe we envision our names being on marquees with red carpet interviews before and after every screening of our films. Maybe some people want nothing more than their hands on an Oscar or Golden Globe award. Whatever your dream may be, whatever vision you have for where you want this journey to take you—take a moment right now and remember how far you’ve come so far on this journey:

  • Remember when your first episode had only 3 listens; remember when nobody subscribed (or even clicked) on your links as you constantly shared; remember when nobody knew who YOU were…

Don’t forget to celebrate the victories in between all the work you’re doing

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of creating content and forget to celebrate your wins. It’s important not to forget that you are making progress and not giving up.

Celebrating the victories in between all of the work you’re doing will keep your spirits high and help motivate you when things feel like they’re getting tough. You can celebrate your wins by getting them out there! Sharing what you’ve accomplished can help show others that they too can do it, even if they feel like they’re starting from scratch


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