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My Podcasting Book of Connections

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If there’s one thing podcasting has given me an abundance of, it’s a sort of virtual book of connections. And with this book comes the opportunity to have met some very memorable folks within the podcasting community. 

I have some vivid memories of the podcaster I’ve met and my interactions with and perceptions of them. And these days with so much unpredictability about life, I’ve found myself feeling a need to immortalize those memories —some of which feels almost surreal. 

First on my list;

TOMI: Host Ms P Speaks Podcast

It’s not even news at this point to say Tomi and I are happily married. The whispers in the podcasting community are true. And from the way I remember it, we’ve been married since early 2020. This period also happened to be the first time I spoke to her as a guest on my podcast after many late-night chat sessions on Twitter DMs. I remember so vividly listening to her podcast —at a time when she was still hiding under a duvet to record quietly— and thinking, “I like her voice”. There was this comforting sense of calm in the way she spoke —even as she narrated her not so calm Nigerian-American experience— that evoked a sense of both nostalgia and warmth. 

I remember how our first virtual interview for my podcast went. We basically had a session of playing games. We played “Would You Rather” and also spoke about motherhood and some other stuff. This session was so epic we decided it was something special and had to be repeated again. And although they say “lightning rarely strikes the same place twice”, I’d like to think that for us, it did.  Over time we have collaborated to record a few more episodes for both her podcast and mine. I remember it was such an amazing feeling to not just be speaking to her but to know that even with the thousands of miles between us, our love for podcasting made it so easy for both of us to share something much deeper. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that years later, that spark is still present between us. And honestly, I think she’d agree that we’re both due for another session of amazingness. 

RAFIAT: Host of the Queen Raffy Space Podcast

How do I say this without courting controversy? “Queen Raffy”, as this amazing woman is often referred to, was probably my first official podcasting crush. There was something about how she hugged her platform with such ebullience that you felt a need to just stop, stare and listen to hear her speak. I remember the first time we met, physically, I acted all cool and calm but deep down I was a bit starstruck by her. There is something to be said about a beautiful woman that has decided to wholeheartedly embrace podcasting with the fervor that some may never find in their entire lives. 

And it’s no surprise that in a few corners of the Nigerian podcasting space, she’s considered a mentor for new and aspiring podcasters. She’s almost always too welcoming for her own good. A smile for everyone even when she might not be feeling the glee. It’s one of those traits that she has easily transferred into her podcasting journey spanning hundreds of episodes and thousands of listens so far. Queen Raffy is what most might call a “mama bear”: she is quick to defend podcasters and yet kind enough to be admonishing as well. I’ve had the privilege to be a guest on her podcast and have had her be on mine, and I still think of those moments as highlights of my own personal podcasting journey. 

ISAAC: Host of Road to 30 Podcast 

Simply put, if I were ever to leave the comfort of my house in Egbeda and make my way down to Lekki to record a podcast with you, then you hold a special place in my heart. Isaac, who is one half of the hosting duo of the famous Road to 30 Podcast, holds such a place in my heart. Even before honoring his invitation for a recording session, I have long admired his work from afar —his and that of his co-host, Dolly. It was easy to become a fan of Isaac and his show because listening to him sounded like having a chat with a friend who had a tendency to say very wild shit but in a low-toned voice, so much so that you can’t help but burst out laughing and have people around looking at you like you had a screw loose or something. 

Isaac and his co-host have gone on to stamp their feet as podcasting royalties in the Nigerian podcast community. With a successful live show that was held a few months back, it is great to see them still pushing for greatness in more ways than one. I remember recording a virtual session with him during the pandemic. It was a segment of my podcast that was focused on just asking people how they were doing during the pandemic and it was called These Corona Times”.  I remember vividly my session with him because up until that moment, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone articulate their pandemic state of mind in such a way that despite how gloomy things were, his words still offered respite. And in thinking about that moment, it is safe to say, biblically, if Abraham had sacrificed Isaac, we’d all be fucked! 

HIQMAT: Host of the Sweet and Sour Podcast 

Hiqmat probably comes in second as my all-time podcasting crush. It’s also amazing that she and I have only met twice, with both meetings being quite recent. We first got acquainted at the Naija Pod Hub 5th Anniversary event. Afterwards, she was one of the very few people that made a long and arduous trip to come to support me at my book reading event in August, a few months back. I remember my first thoughts when I saw her being, “Dear lord, I wish I were Muslim so I could just propose already.”  I also remember how genial and how welcoming her demeanor was too.  I remember our second meeting at the book reading and me pronouncing her name incorrectly because I wrongly assumed she was Yoruba and how she was kind enough to set me straight without prejudice.

Hiqmat is the host of a podcast that has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. And she does this without the need for controversial topics. I remember asking where she records her session because of how smooth her voice always sounded over the mic. I was shocked to hear she did her recordings in her room with nothing more than shut doors and quietude. It was both impressive and ingenious because somehow she has been able to maintain great audio quality without having any state of the art equipment. And it’s one of those things that inspire you into believing in the amazing abilities of people within this community. Their resilience and ingenuity comes to the fore and you can’t help but marvel at all of it. Hiqmat is a marvel and while she and I have no recorded sessions together, some part of me is still considering becoming a Muslim so I can get the chance to marry her.

…oh shoot, I’m already married to Tomi! 

Offer Those Flowers Now

There are a few more names worth mentioning but writing about them would probably turn this to a written podcast session. And I bet that if you’re reading this as a podcaster, you too have met a few podcasters who have inspired you and continue to. Time is short, and life is shorter, so If you remember them, why not remind them of just how much you appreciate their contributions to your own podcasting book of connections. 

We often forget how fleeting life can be. Last thing I’d want to happen is to have to celebrate these amazing people in the podcasting community when it becomes too late. So, cheers to everyone who has been a part of my journey so far. Even if your name isn’t mentioned, I remember and celebrate you. And I hope the stars continue to align for you. 



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