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Why we do what we do

Our mission is to help fill the void of adequate representation for Black creatives within the podcast industry, especially in Nigeria. We do this by providing support, creating avenues to increase visibility, and developing educational resources to ensure that our community has the tools needed to start, grow and sustain its platforms. 

Our vision is to simplify the podcasting process. We hope to be the answer to questions asked by new podcasters and assist older podcasters by finding ways to help them overcome their challenges while staying relevant in the podcasting space. 


Our goal is to match podcasters with the right brands and sponsors for their podcasts and help put the spotlight on Nigerian podcasters and help tell our stories the right way.

You can help us achieve these by partnering with us and supporting us.

To become a partner, send us an email at 

You can support us with money to cover data plans, website subscriptions and a lot more.