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Hafeestanova Onitilo

Remote Recording Using Telegram; A Step By Step Guide 

On Android Devices; Step 1: Open the Telegram app Step 2: Create a new group and add your Guest(s)  Step 3: Click on Start Video Chat (you can either schedule or start chat immediately) Step 4: Click on Start Recording from the drop-down menu Step 5: The next interface will show

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Nigerian Podcast Community
Mifa Adejumo

Food, Drinks and a dash of PodBrunching.

An attendee experience from the PodHub Brunch that took place July 2, 2022 Coming from me, this would mean a lot less than it should. I love podcasting but the last time I attempted to record a podcast episode was

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Introducing NPH Advocates 

Who are the NaijaPodHub Advocates? They are a select group of podcasters that will help shape the future of the podcasting industry by actively providing us with data. By helping us understand the needs of podcasters in our community, NPH

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Your Podcast Is Basic and Boring

What are you promoting? A little effort, planning, and intention go a long way into making your podcast stand out from the bunch. I’d share some questions that can help take your podcast from basic and boring, to entertaining and

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NaijaPodHub Events
Rachel Towobola

NaijaPodHub’s 5th Anniversary Event!

June 2017. The heartbeat of podcasting in Africa was born. Or shall we say, the first beat of NaijaPodHub thrummed?  5 years later and this month marks the anniversary of NaijaPodHub. What started as just an idea has grown into

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Podcast Tips
Dayo Moyo

When You Can’t Get 1,000 True Fans For Your Podcast

The place to find the best description of a ‘true fan’ is in sports. And in what better sport than football. To a podcaster, who is a true fan? A true fan is someone who will listen to an episode whether you promote it or not; they will share links to your episode whether you remember to inform them or not; they will buy your merchandise even when the delivery cost is more than the price of the shirt.

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