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Rachel Towobola

International Podcast Day 2021

#ICYMI We celebrated International Podcast Day with a virtual event themed “The Future of Content Is Audio” featuring guest speakers Soluideen Ogunsola from Fidia, Ebiye Souwari from Midas Radio and Mo Sibyl of the More Sibyl Podcast. It was an

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Support NaijaPodHub

You made it here means you believe in what we do and are willing to help us grow here at NaijaPodHub Founded in June 2017, Naija Podcast Hub aka NaijaPodHub is the podcasting community for all Nigerian Podcasters. There’s so

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Podcast distribution - Naijapodhub
Tomi Popoola


Getting your podcast on various platforms helps you reach more listeners. · First thing you will need to do is get your RSS feed. · Then validate your feed · Fix any errors if any · Upload feed to podcast

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Blog - Naijapodhub - Are My ums And ahs Too Much
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Tony Doe

Are My ‘ums’ And ‘ahs’ Too Much?

Ums and Ahs are known as “fillers”, meaningless sounds we make to fill in the gap while we’re thinking of what next to say. Consistent use of these interjections could make one sound hesitant, insecure or unconfident. It can be

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