On the 2nd of July 2022, I witnessed what can only be classified as magical. Before I get ahead of myself, let me give you guys the backstory.  

You see I have always been that person that is drawn to greatness or dare I say have an eye for greatness, when I hear an idea or hear someone speak about something they are passionate about, I can tell if that thing is going to be great or not and most times, I’m always correct.  

This was how I knew that my podcast – Cha Cha Music Review Podcast was going to be great, the minute I conceived the idea, I knew I was going to do something big with it but hey I’m not here to talk about my podcast, instead, I want to talk about the podcast community that I belong to.  

Now, I belong to a community known as Naija Podcast Hub aka NaijaPodHub. Without any cap or even gele, this podcast community is the best in Nigeria.  

NaijaPodHub was founded by this amazing lady – FayFay, while my mentor Queen Raffy started Pod Magic Creators. Somewhere along the line, the two of them decided to form an alliance and became one community. NajiaPodHub as a Podcast directory, and Pod Magic Creators is a support group for the community (lol) don’t know if that makes sense but that’s how best I can explain it.  

Now let’s go back to the event that took place on the 2nd of July 2022, this event was the 5th anniversary of NaijaPodHub, and sweet baby Jesus, it was nothing but magical for me. I expected the event to turn out good, considering the brains behind it, FayFay, Queen Raffy, Tomi, and Rachel, oh yes, these are the full team and they are all ladies.  

I’m not going to go into so many details about the event itself, it’s one of those events that once you miss it, it can’t be explained because no amount of words would be able to paint a perfect picture of what truly went down and yes, a lot did go down.  

From beautiful host Tomi ($$$$) who held it down with her vibes, down to DayoMoyo the host of This is The Future Podcast who gave three beautiful and deep spoken word pieces. Abi you want me to talk about Tobi jokes, burst brain, this dude that host a podcast about running, came on stage and started to make our bellies ache with laughter, the music joke he said was the most hilarious to me, I laugh almost pee for bodi, don’t even get me started on the two live podcast events by Winifred (my girl) host of The Word of Wini Podcast and Immanuel of The Class Perfect Podcast.

See ehn I can go on but like I said you don miss am you don miss am be that, nothing way I talk go fit give you that nostalgic feel wey I still dey feel for body.  

As the event came to an end and people were connecting, taking pictures and all of that, I looked around the room and I what I saw was nothing but greatness being created, I said to myself, “these ladies have no idea what they did here today, and they might not even have the idea until later in the future”. Believe it or not, these ladies have created a podcasting industry in Nigeria,whether they realize it or not. There is no way they want to talk about podcasts, I mean, real podcasting in Nigeria… people wey be say them put their blood, sweat, and money, way them no go talk about these ladies that I now call “The Four Horsemen”.  

Now you might be wondering, if they are all women why call them “horsemen” and why I no use something more feminine. The answer is simple, “The Four Horsemen” is a reference from the movie “Now You See Me (Part Two)” it’s a movie about four Magicians and this is the best way for me to describe these ladies because what they achieved with this event was nothing but magical. How they were able to pull it off is something I can’t even begin to imagine, shey na the fine location way dem pick, abi na the FREE FOOD, yes ooo I had to put that in all caps because the food was free and it wasn’t just them serving us one thing, it was us literally ordering for whatever we wanted, chai! Four gbosa for these ladies biko.  

catch a recap of the event here

Hafeestonova Onitilo 

Cha Cha Music Review Podcast  


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