Time Management In The World Of Podcasting 

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Podcasting takes as much time as you allow it and if you don’t manage your time very well, you might be tempted to quit at some point. 

For every Podcaster, time management is one very big challenge that you might likely face. This is especially true for solo podcasters who have to do all of the recording, research, editing, designing, marketing and other podcast related activities themselves. It should also be known that 90% of podcasters do not make any money from their podcast and so they are either working or studying and this mean they only have very little time to invest in their podcast. If care is not taken, they begin to fall out of schedule and this can discourage listeners and followers. So how should you manage your very little time to make a listen- worthy podcast? 

Batch Record/ Batch Task 

Batching is creating multiple things at one time. Batch recording is when you plan a lot of episodes at once, record in a single day so you know you have content in advance. It helps you to prevent irregularities and saves time. It also helps to avoid podfading. Podcast batching does not have to only be on recording, you can batch edit, batch research, batch upload and so on. Podcast batching is especially helpful for people whose full time job is not podcasting. 

Outsource Work 

Outsourcing means delegating tasks to others. It helps you to focus energy on content creation and you are able to assign your work to a professional. Tasks that can be outsource include include graphic designs, script writing, show notes writing, audio editing, social media management and transcription. 

 Use a Scheduling App 

If you plan on interviewing guests, it is best you use a scheduling app to keep track on your guest . Calendly is a great option with free and paid plans. 

Try and record a cleaner Audio 

It is actually better to record a cleaner audio than trying to edit it. You can achieve this by investing into buying the right recording equipment , recording in a quiet place and preparing your voice in advance. 

Remember, Time is the most precious commodity we have and can’t be regained if lost, having more time helps you to constantly produce. 

This just scratches the surface. Share your time management tips in the comments.

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