Your Podcast Is Basic and Boring

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What are you promoting?

A little effort, planning, and intention go a long way into making your podcast stand out from the bunch.

I’d share some questions that can help take your podcast from basic and boring, to entertaining and engaging.

Common Mistakes That Podcasters Make.

The common mistake that most podcasters make is focusing on sharing their podcast episode so many times and on so many platforms because they believe that will get them more listeners.

As valuable as social media promotions are, the big question is; What are you promoting?

Random Episodes

I recently put out a tweet asking why podcasters are okay with releasing an episode called “Random Episode,” and the content of the episode says that they had nothing to talk about, but just put this out because they needed to release something.

But what’s the result or reward for consistently doing nothing?

Content Check Questionnaire

Use these questions below to measure whether your podcast episode has good content to engage a listener:

  1. What is the format of my podcast?
  2. What is my topic for this episode? 
  3. What are my thoughts on this topic?
  4. Have I read at least six articles of diverse opinions on this topic?
  5. Are there YouTube videos on this topic? Have I watched at least 3?
  6. Is there an expert on this topic I want to speak with or reach out to?
  7. Will my episode feature my entire conversation with this expert or just excerpts of it?
  8. Do I have a friend or colleague whose experience or thoughts will be valuable to this episode?
  9. Have I cross-checked my personal opinion with the facts? 
  10. Are there bits of this episode that could be fictional or acted out (depending on the style)?
  11. Am I the best voice to convey the message of this episode?
  12. Where does the episode start?
  13. How will I present the facts for and the facts against my topic?
  14. Do I have any solutions, resolutions, or suggestions on this topic?
  15. How do I end this episode?
  16. Do I need to edit or remove any bit of this episode because the information is redundant, or is the episode just fine without it?
  17. Do I need a friend or accountability partner to listen to this episode before releasing it?

Take these questions as a starting point. You can add to it, build on it, or suggest more questions in the comments that can benefit other podcasters.

Happy Podcasting!


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