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Who Listens To Your Podcast?

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Why You Need A Podcast Avatar

Blog - Naijapodhub - Why You Need A Podcast Avatar

I noticed something in some podcast descriptions, I discovered that some podcasters often lose what makes their podcast special by trying to appeal to as many people as possible. For example, “A podcast about everything, anything, etc…”. This is why you need a podcast avatar, an embodiment of your perfect, idealized listener. The one person who’ll listen devotedly to you and willingly tell another about your podcast. The person you refer to in the singular, like they’re right next to or in front of you.

An avatar helps you build a relationship with your listener. It helps your podcast have a more intimate feel that will make listeners feel more connected to your show.

It helps you keep true to your podcast. Focusing on what your podcast avatar would want will help you remember what makes your show stand out instead of what makes it fit in.

Questions To Consider When Developing An Avatar:

  1. Is your ideal listener someone you’d want to hang out with?
  2. What is your perfect listener’s personality? (Having this knowledge will help you think about how they would feel about each episode’s conversation.)
  3. What is your ideal listener interested in?
  4. What does your ideal listener do for a living?
  5. How does your ideal listener get your podcast?
  6. What social media platforms can you find your ideal listener on?

Your listener either wants a solution to a problem, alleviation from a hurt/pain or an aspiration (meeting a goal, achieving a feat). If your podcast content helps with these, they’ll consume it.

Don’t create content about everything for everyone. Stick to your podcast’s unique selling point, think in terms of deeper rather than wider. Advertisers are attracted to podcasters with dedicated and engaged fan bases. If their products align with your podcast d your listener’s needs/wants, it’s a win-win!

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