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This is one of the problems many podcasters face especially new podcasters. Many find it hard when it comes to finding the best way to promote their podcast even with the fact that we live in the digital world. 

“podcast promotion is like every other form of marketing and we all know that the best form of marketing these days is Digital Marketing. To keep it short and simple, Digital Marketing is the process of marketing your product and services, well, in this case, your podcast, via the internet to reach a larger audience.” – Hafeestonova

Platforms you can use to promote your podcast

  1. Facebook: This is the largest social media platform, you can join different podcasting groups on Facebook and share your podcast there. You can also post your link on your wall, and tag all your friends. The good thing about this is that when you tag me for example, Facebook can notify a friend of mine that I was tagged in a post and the person should check it out. So imagine the person checks it out, clicks the link, listens, and likes it, you have gained a new listener.
  2. Twitter: Twitter is another place to promote your podcast, tweet about your podcast, and include some hashtags like #podnation #podcastandchill #podcastrecommendation #naijapodhub #podsinnaija and any other hashtag that goes in line with your podcast or episode. And yes, whenever you say anything about your podcast, please always put your link, doesn’t matter if the link is in your bio, put the link in that tweet and don’t put an episode link, put the link to your podcast itself, this way they can easily discover other episodes of your podcast. You can put the episode link if and only if, you are only promoting that particular episode but if it’s the podcast itself you are promoting, then put the podcast link. 
  3. WhatsApp: This is another powerful podcast promotion tool, you can upload your link on your status, and share your links to your contact either via BC or just regular chat text. With WhatsApp, you can get direct feedback from your listeners, which also helps the podcast’s development and growth. You can even post part of your recording process, let them see what goes on behind the scene, how you set up, how you record, what your editing process looks like, and give them that VIP backstage treatment, believe it or not, my own WhatsApp is one of my strongest form of promoting my podcast. 
  4. Instagram: With Instagram, you get more creative by putting out images relating to your podcast episode, you can do audiograms and insert 30 seconds of your episode and upload it as video or reels. You can also share it on your story and add your episode link. You can also post part of your recording process and some of the things I mentioned that you do for your WhatsApp audience 

Other forms of Podcast Promotion

  1. Offline Promotion: This basically talking to random people or friends, acquaintances, colleagues, basically anyone that is willing to listen, about your podcast. Even if they are not listening, find a way to make them listen. When I first started out and I meet someone for the first time, I always introduce myself like this “hi, my name is Hafeestonova, I host the podcast called Cha Cha Music Review Podcast, it’s like an offline radio show that talks about music and the good thing is you can listen to it any time you want and it doesn’t even consume much of your data self. If I meet 10 people a day, I would say this 10 times a day. 
  2. Podcast Feature: I know you might want to ask, how exactly does this help promote my podcast, no rush, calm down, let me break it down. So imagine you invite me as a guest on your podcast, obviously, you would ask me to introduce myself and I would definitely introduce myself as a podcaster and also mention the name of my podcast but you see what I would use to hook you is my delivery on the podcast, I would make sure you enjoy whatever I came to do on that podcast that you would want to listen to me again and again and again and you would have no choice but to go look for my podcast and start listening to it. 
  3. Merchandise and Giveaway: Make we no lie, who no like free thing, doing giveaways like Data, Recharge Cards, etc. can help promote your podcast, you just have to be strategic about it. For example, when I started, I would ask a question on my WhatsApp status about a podcast episode I just released and I would say the first person to make the 4 or 5 songs I talked about would get free data. Trust me people would rush to go listen. After a while, I did some “Cha Cha” Shirt and I gave it to my frequent listeners, the more they wear the shirt the more people see my podcast name and the more people are likely to listen to my podcast, you see everything for this life na sense
  4. IFTTT: This is an application that allows you to automate your tweets, what this simply means is that you don’t have to always tweet about your podcast, you can just create a series of tweets and put them in the IFTTT App and allow the app to do the job for you. Whether you are online or not, whether they ban Twitter or not, your tweets would continue to go out every day at whatever time you set them. IFTTTS has paid and free plans, the free plan allows you to create just 5 “Applets”, that’s what they call automated messages.

Well that’s all I have to share with you today, peace out

Hafeestonova Onitilo

Cha Cha Music Review Podcast


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