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Top 50 Nigerian Podcasts Of 2021

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Blog - Naijapodhub - Top 50 Nigerian Podcasts Of 2021

The year 2021 was a huge year for podcasting in Nigeria.

It’s the first year that the Nigerian Podcasting Community can boast of at least 4 different live podcast events and also loads of international recognition and more platforms coming to Africa because the industry has grown so much.

138 Nigerian podcasts appeared on the charts this year.

You can check them out here

We published 34 charts on our website.

On Feb 6th, 2021, we had the first-ever chart tie.

So Nigerian & Smart money tribe podcast tied at number 3.

The charts are always very unpredictable because it requires a podcast to chart at least 3 to 7 times a week. At the end of the year, we had the number 1 podcast of 2021 charting at number 1 for 24 out of the 34 weeks it charted.

We also asked podcasters to predict the podcasts that would appear in the top 10 and this is what we got.

Without further ado, here are the Top 50 Podcasts of 2021

  1. I Said What I Said
  2. Road To 30
  3. So Nigerian
  4. The Significant Other
  5. The Smart Money Tribe
  6. How Far
  7. Jesus And Jollof
  8. With Chude
  9. Nigeria Politics Weekly
  10. Laid Bare
  11. Kwality Kontent
  12. Date Sex Love
  13. Welcome To The Jungle
  14. Terms And Conditions By Pulse
  15. F&s Uncensored
  16. Switch On With Adaora Lumina
  17. Love & Self-esteem
  18. Confident And Killing It
  19. Women Talk Sex by Pulse
  20. Listening Sessions
  21. Talkroompod
  22. Submarine And A Roach
  23. Tea With Tay Podcast
  24. Black Lenses
  25. From Lagos With Love
  26. Decode Fintech
  27. Design For Good
  28. Ask Akin Alabi
  29. 234 Essential
  30. Osikoya Speaks
  31. Mum’s Worst Day
  32. Vibes & Nifa
  33. Shaking Tables With Aa
  34. Solomon Buchi Show
  35. Black Box Interviews
  36. Cha Cha Music Review Podcast
  37. Honest Tea Talk
  38. Story Story
  39. Don’t Fuck With Me
  40. Ajebo Corner
  41. Nigerian American
  42. Off Air Podcast
  43. What’s Next
  44. The Journey Of A Learner
  45. Cocktails And Takeaways
  46. Surviving Eko
  47. Evolve with Hafsie Bunu
  48. Things About Guys
  49. Young In Love
  50. The Olori Coitus Podcast

Well done to all podcasters.

Let’s all not relent on our journey to making the industry bigger and better.

Cheers to an amazing 2022!

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