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You made it here means you believe in what we do and are willing to help us grow here at NaijaPodHub

Founded in June 2017, Naija Podcast Hub aka NaijaPodHub is the podcasting community for all Nigerian Podcasters.

Support NaijaPodHub

There’s so much more we offer just to help each and every podcaster get better, and get recognized for their work.

  • We collate a weekly chart of the top 20 podcasts in Nigeria.
  • We have a monthly review of podcasts.
  • There is merch that community members can purchase to represent themselves as podcasters.
  • We organize and host events for and with podcasters.
  • We offer podcasting solutions and training to podcasters.
  • We discover podcasting opportunities and a whole lot more.

We also keep the community engaged with weekly activities like:

  • Podstar Spotlight: Podstar Spotlight is a podcast produced by NaijaPodHub and hosted by a podcaster from the community. Podcasters featured share their podcasting experiences and best practices.
  • Talk Tuesday: On Talk Tuesday we share a podcast-related question across our social media platforms and allow podcasters to engage. From these engagements, podcasters who have podcasting challenges are identified and assisted.
  • New Episode Weekly #NEW The Community is encouraged to share their new episodes on Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, & Twitter on Wednesdays and Fridays. However, they are allowed to share their episodes every day on GoodPods.
  • Podcast and Chill: This is an avenue for podcasters to unwind with podcasting banter and regular banter about life. It happens every other Wednesday on ClubHouse.
  • Podcast Review session: The Podcast Review Session is an avenue created to review podcasts and share tips on how podcasters can make their podcasts better. Submit your episodes here. Become a reviewer here.

We dedicate ourselves to discovering and sharing new Nigerian Podcasts with the podcast industry and podcast lovers.

We share at least 20 podcasts in a month. You can add your podcast to our directory with this link.

We have several podcast-related articles on the NaijaPodHub blog. Some of the articles are written by us and some are submitted as guest articles from podcasters in our community.

Our Newsletter is put together as a recap of the past month and a showcase of events and happenings in the month to come. Podcasters are encouraged to send all milestones and important information here.

The more support we get, the more we can do to develop NaijaPodHub and make the community better

With your support, we will be able to

  • Cover overhead costs to run the website, host the domain and manage subscriptions to various creative platforms.
  • Help bring together experienced people to help podcasters become better.
  • Fund research and create podcast competitions.
  • Create and design podcasting workshops for new and existing podcasters

With your help and support, there is so much more we can do for the community.

We hope we can continue to spread the love and community spirit of the Podcast Movement and with your help, we can achieve this.

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