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Who are the NaijaPodHub Advocates?

They are a select group of podcasters that will help shape the future of the podcasting industry by actively providing us with data.

By helping us understand the needs of podcasters in our community, NPH advocates will be the game changers in the podcast space. We will send weekly and monthly surveys to these advocates to help us understand our community and the podcasting space better.

Why do we need NPH Advocates?

For the podcast industry in Nigeria to make the impact that it needs, we need to understand the industry from the people in it. We are looking to find pain points and propose possible solutions from the source. 

Why become an Advocate?

As a NPH advocate you can always count on NaijaPodHub to:

  1. Promote all your podcast related events, posts and activities on our social platforms. 
  2. Give you first hand information on the world of podcasting.
  3. Give you first dibs to NPH events, both virtual and in person.
  4. Receive discounts for merch and NPH events

We will be doing a quarterly rollout of our advocates in our blog so that the community knows who these amazing game changers are.

If this is something you’re interested in, fill in this form and we will be in touch! 

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