We celebrated International Podcast Day with a virtual event themed “The Future of Content Is Audio” featuring guest speakers Soluideen Ogunsola from Fidia, Ebiye Souwari from Midas Radio and Mo Sibyl of the More Sibyl Podcast.

It was an information-packed event with lots of gems to take away. Here’s a short recap below:

NaijaPodHub founder, Fay Fay welcomed over 50 attendees before announcing the 4th and 5th place entries of #ThePowerOfStorytellingChallenge.

We then had one of our sponsors, Soluideen Ogunsola, give us a quick look through Fidia, a platform that allows Nigerian creators to receive payments, tips, sponsorship, and subscription from their audience. They have features that allow your audience to buy you interesting things like; coffee, pizza, burger or even podcast equipment. He did a walkthrough of the platform and showed the easy steps to creating a profile and setting up payment.

Ebiye Souwari of Midas Radio; another of our sponsors, spoke about Podcast Networks. Specifically, the benefits of joining a podcast network, the kind of content networks look for, and what to note when a network is offering you a contract.

Our final speaker was Mo! Sibyl of the More Sibyl Podcast, who covered podcasting as a brand vs a hobby. Monetisation strategies, listener engagement, appreciation, and making your podcast a brand were some of the areas covered.

We had to end the event with some fun and so we had a virtual trivia game in which Mo! Sibyl emerged as the winner.

And finally, we announced the top 3 winners of #ThePowerOfStorytellingChallenge. This challenge really pushed the community to a new creative direction and the entries we received were quite impressive. We hope to have this challenge as an annual event.

Congratulations to our winners:

3rd place: Sportline with Artlin

2nd place: The Young God Podcast

1st place: Storytime With Jae

This was a value-packed event and while I may not be able to cover all the amazing information that was shared, you can watch the full event on our YouTube channel below:


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