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An attendee experience from the PodHub Brunch that took place July 2, 2022

Coming from me, this would mean a lot less than it should. I love podcasting but the last time I attempted to record a podcast episode was some two months ago. But I love podcasting and even as I stretch out my podcasting hiatus, my love for the art form has not dwindled. And I can say this love was affirmed even more when I took a breather from the torment that has been my life for the past couple of months and decided to join the NaijaPodHub family for a brunch celebrating their 5th anniversary.

An Idea Brought to Life

Five years for any community is no small feat. More so, five years for a budding community with a little-known podcasting family-like NaijaPubHub. It was a feat worth celebrating. And I should add that for almost a year or more, I have not been so much a part of the community as I would have hoped to be. And it’s not for a lack of motivation to be part of something as incredible as building a budding podcasting community but more because I actually do not like people that much. But as much as I may not like people, I do love it, nay, adore it when people are able to become more than just their individual dreams, hopes and aspirations and are able to build a community of shared values that resonate and inspire.

And that is what the NaijaPodHub family is: inspiring. A community that started off merely as a pet project for the organizers, Fay Fay, Tomi, Queen Raffy and a handful of others, has since grown into a confluence of podcasting talents across Nigeria, Africa and the diaspora; and it continues to extend its reach into many other communities. Indeed, there’s always something very motivating about seeing an idea blossom into more than just a seedling of wishful thinking. It’s inspiring to see an idea morph into a manifestation of actions, positive affirmation and unwavering resolve. The NaijaPodHub family has made it almost impossible for anyone outside of the community to not feel a sense of jealousy for not being part of this community. And all of these were evident and on display during the event which was hosted at the Zolene Restaurant in Ikoyi, Lagos.

An Event Like No Other

The event, which was tagged as a “hangout” proved to be much more than that. Kicking off at about 11:30 am after some initial hiccups, the hosts of the event, Tomi of the Ms P Speaks podcast, co-founder of the community coming all the way for the US and Fay Fay, the founder, were such amiable hosts with bolstering charms that were so palpable you could feel the air in the room become calmer with each word they spoke. They thrilled their audience of podcasters from across the vast expanse of Lagos state and its environs with funny tidbits that you couldn’t help but chuckle to or shake your head in honest comedic disbelief.

The event lacked nothing in transitions between events. And the hosts did a good job in making sure that each segment of the event segued perfectly into the other without the awkwardness of long pauses. For a live event, it was clear that a lot could have gone wrong —from the sort of content discussed, to being unable to control the banters and argumentative nature that is a known staple of most podcasters (yes, podcasters like arguing a lot). However, so much was subverted by the excellent choices of live shows that were hosted during the event.

First off was “The Word Of Wini Podcast” where the host, Winifred, thrilled her audience with a satirical rendition of how to be a “wife material”. Following closely behind was a spoken word rendition from the host of the This is The Future podcast, Dayo Moyo and then a couple of sponsors of the events came on stage to add an expectedly commercial aspect to the event. But even the segments of sponsors speaking didn’t feel like the hard sell that they were intended to be, mostly because the speakers also did great in passing across their ideas without a sense of complacency.

Next up was refreshments and at this stage, no one would have batted an eyelid if things had begun to feel a bit disorganized because we all know how food can get people feeling lackluster. But trust me, eating while listening to a couple more captivating spoken word renditions by Dayo Moyo was sure to make you eat and remain conscious of just how much you needed to pay attention to what was on your plate as well as the food for thoughts his piece was delivering too. Refreshments were done in record time. Everyone was feeling much more alive (food is bae) and then came the second half of the show with a live session with Immanuel of the Class Prefect podcast with guest cohost Tomi joining them. This was a session that was littered with laughs, deep discussions and the sort of community-esque camaraderie that would exactly make anyone outside the community boil with jealousy.

All Good Things Must…

At the end, it wasn’t the live events and the food or the many jokes that flew across the room from Hosts to guests and vice versa that left you with a bitter-sweet taste in your mouth but the realization that this event couldn’t have gone longer. Like me, you were likely to have found yourself zoning off in thoughts as you asked yourself the question: why do all good things have to come to an end?” And the truth is, if like me, you decide to sit with that same thought for a bit longer, you’d realize that the answer to that question was as simple as it was poignant: all good things must come to an end to make room for something better.

And I have no doubt that with the way this particular event had been beautifully organized and carried out, we can expect to get so much more from a community of Nigerian and African podcasters that are steadily breaking all the barriers towards excellence, one little podcast event at a time.


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